Video Conferencing Software

Use the links below to download your video conferencing software. Please set the software to run automatically at startup. By running these programs at startup we can connect your video conference using the appropriate software and the system will "just work" without you needing to worry about the details.

Skype for transparent Skype support.

Google Chrome for the best WebRTC experience.

Lifesize (Mirial) Softphone for transparent H323 and SIP support.

Spranto for Australian made transparent H323 support.

Teamviewer Remote Support

Teamviewer remote support.

Skype Widgets

RecollX is an Australian developed product that lets you search, manage and archive your Skype history.

GP2U Widgets

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H.323 Callto Registry Fix (Win 7) (Reg) (Zip)
H.323 Callto Registry Fix (WinXP) (Reg) (Zip)