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Online Doctor Patient

GP2U provides patients with direct access to Australian doctors online using video conferencing. Consultations with both GPs and Specialists are available.

  • Imagine the convenience of seeing the doctor you need from the comfort of home
  • Imagine not having to drive, or sit in a crowded waiting room full of sick people
  • Imagine the time, money and frustration you can save when the doctor visits you

All you need is access to a computer, tablet or phone that has a good Internet connection.

Medicare funds some Telehealth, but only if it is between a patient and a Specialist doctor, and then only if the patient is in a Telehealth eligible area.

If you are not in an eligible area, or would like to see a GP or Allied Health Professional via video conference then things work on a user pays basis. Some private health funds cover the cost. A typical GP consultation costs $40-60 depending on the GP and time of day.

Your online doctor can provide you with expert advice, and where indicated, Prescription Medications, Referrals and Medical Certificates. Here is a list of Australian medications that can, in appropriate circumstances, be prescribed. Mental health, sexual health, and the management of range of other conditions can all be effectively handled via video conference. A number of our doctors have a particular interest in weight loss, so if you have been trying to lose weight without success we can probably help.

Our innovative Skype2doctor service brings GPs directly to you. You can book an online GP appointment simply by clicking book now. To book an appointment you will need to login. If you don't have a login click here to register as a patient and you could be seeing a doctor online within minutes. Registering online is just like filling in the registration form at any doctor's surgery, and just as easy.

Once you're registered you can log in and book an appointment at a time that suits you. Our unique virtual waiting room provides a countdown to your appointment and keeps you informed if your online doctor is running on time. Simply login, relax and wait for your doctor to connect.

Specialist medical services can generally be bulk billed under Medicare. GP services are not currently funded by Medicare so require that you have the ability to make an online payment via Visa, Mastercard or PayPal.

Our partnerships with Terry White Chemists and Priceline Pharmacies, two of Australia's most trusted pharmacy brands allows us to provide seamless access to medications in hundreds of convenient locations around Australia and, if you can't get to a store in person, we can arrange delivery by courier or mail.

For your peace of mind communications on this site are secured by Geotrust SSL and sensitive data protected by RSA encryption and stored behind a DSD certified gateway. The confidentiality of your video conference is ensured by AES encryption.

Online GP Doctor

Direct patient to GP Telehealth - How to become an online doctor

GP2U was Australia’s first dedicated online care practice and continues to be the leader both in terms of patient consultation volumes, patient experience and growth.

In 2015 GP2U completed a significant capital raise through several strategic healthcare partners. This investment and partnership will not only allow us to continue to expand and improve our service it will open up significant new channels of patients.

Whilst there is no Medicare item number today for consulting with patients online GP2U has developed a rapidly growing patient cohort who values the convenience of online consultations and is willing to pay for their consultations 100% out of their own pocket. Our doctors set their own billing fess and nominate when they want to work and the location from which they do their online consulting. You can consult from home, your holiday house or anywhere that has a great internet connection and is appropriately private.

With no commuting time, and no geographical constraints you can work when and where you want, and tailor your work load to suit your precise financial needs. At home with kids? Semi-retired? Moving jobs?

Why not consider adding Telehealth to your skills mix. You can see your own patients, our patients or a combination of both. We bring on new GPs all the time but are careful to ensure that our existing GPs are filling their appointment schedules before bringing on extra GP capacity.

All you need to get started is to register as a GP. If you have any specific questions feel free to call the office on 1300 472 866 to schedule a time to chat with our Founder, Dr James Freeman.

Registration is free and only takes a couple of minutes. Why not do it now? We provide complete training on the platform, which has been designed by Dr Freeman for Australian doctors and is intuitive for anyone familiar with the usual Practice Management Software solutions.

Regional GPs looking for Telehealth referrals

Telehealth can provide your patients with convenient access to Specialist services. Patients benefit from improved specialist access, as well as substantial financial and time savings.

As a GP you benefit from rapid access to specialist opinions and can increase the quality of the service you deliver to your patients. The ability (if you desire) to sit in with your patient while they see a specialist can be far more rewarding than reading a summary letter.

Medicare currently provides some excellent incentives for GPs to refer patients to Specialists using Telehealth. These incentives include a $3900 sign-on bonus (paid in two instalments) and over $100 per consult.

GP use of this service is free.

Specialist Online Doctor

Telehealth offers you a unique opportunity to be at the cutting edge of modern medicine and enhance the care you provide to your patients while also receiving a fair reward for your efforts.

GP2U takes care of the details for you. The system automatically supports video conferencing using H323, SIP, WebRTC and Skype without having to worry about the details. All you need to do is press the connect button. GP2U includes fully integrated Medicare billing and allows patients to conveniently Digitally Sign Medicare DB4 (Patient assignment of benefit) forms.

Telehealth lets you build your referrer base as hundreds of GPs are using GP2U and actively looking for Telehealth consults with registered Specialists. Increase your catchment area to include areas outside of your geographical vicinity.

Telehealth allows you to earn money for previously unremunerated telephone consults by turning these into video consults that attract a Medicare item number.

Medicare provides a premium of 50% over the usual MBS rate for consultations conducted via video conference.

GP2U is available to you on an annual subscription of $1495 pa.

You can see the Telehealth Medicare Item Number Premiums here.

All you need to get started is to register as a Specialist online doctor. Registration is free and only takes a couple of minutes. Why not do it now?

Online Allied Health Professional

Direct patient to Allied Health Professional Telehealth

Direct patient to Allied Health Professional Telehealth extends the Medicare Telehealth model into the private sector. If a specialist can deliver care directly to a patient using Telehealth why can't a GP or Allied Health Professional? If there are online doctors why not online allied health professionals?

Delivering care via Telehealth be done from virtually any location, for example from home, and you can choose to work hours that fit any lifestyle.

With no commuting time, and no geographical constraints, and minimal overheads you can work when and where you want, and tailor your work load to suit your precise financial needs. At home with kids? Semi-retired? Moving jobs? Why not consider adding Telehealth to your skills mix.

GP2U operates 2 separate payment models for the use of our services. One is a transaction based fee split (typically 70:30 in favour of you) and the other is an annual subscription model ($995 pa). The choice is yours.

All you need to get started is to register as an Allied Health Professional. Registration is free and only takes a couple of minutes. Why not do it now?

Corporate Telehealth

If you look to overseas trends Telehealth is appearing on diverse corporate agenda.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is a range of cutting edge technologies that allow you to deliver expertise from where it is, to where is isn't, in a cost effective manner. Broadly speaking in means patients see their doctor online using video conferencing technology.

Why consider an online doctor service?

Using Telehealth it's possible to deliver both state of the art process and medical care where you need it, when you need it. The low cost base of providing care via a doctor online provides a new flexible option. Correctly applied worker satisfaction can be substantially enhanced while at the same time reducing LTDs and bottom line costs. Access to the right cloud based software lets you deliver service improvements from day 1 through your existing IT infrastructure so the upfront costs are low and the ROI rapid.

  • Deliver more efficient services at cost effective price points
  • Improve both consistency and continuity of OSHA compliant care
  • Reduce workers compensation costs

How do patients see a doctor online?

With GP2U you can:

  • Access the resources you need from any web enabled device
  • Add expert and consistent decision support to your local medical team while at the same time upskilling them
  • Get rapid access to a range of city based GPs and medical specialists

Next steps?

To work out how Telehealth can be leveraged to improve your business requires a detailed understanding of your business model and processes. One of our inexpensive off the shelf solutions may fit like a glove, however we are fully capable of cutomising things to provide your ideal solution.

Contact us for a free confidential appraisal.

15 June 2014 - Skin By Derms
GP2U is pleased to welcome the leading provider of Teledermatology - Skin By Derms onto the GP2U platform. The integration with the secure image upload capacity of the GP2U iOS and Android applications, combined with Skin By Derms intuitive workflow brings Teledermatology to a new level of convenience and accessibility.

29 April 2014 - Lifehacker
We were invited to write an elevator pitch for Lifehacker. So here's GP2U in 200 words or less!

10 April 2014 - Trans-Help Foundation and GP2U
The Trans-Help Foundation has announced a partnernship with GP2U Telehealth specialists to provide truck drivers with online video consultations. The partnership was launched at last week’s ITTES in Melbourne. Here's the story from Prime Mover Magazine, Freight Metrics and Diesel

10 April 2014 - Heartbleed? Not us

As you may have heard by now through popular news channels, a serious vulnerability has been discovered in OpenSSL. OpenSSL is a tool used to encrypt sensitive information that travels across the internet.

GP2U would like to inform all of our customers that our service has been unaffected by this security breach.

While this issue has no effect on our service to you, it's a great reminder to all our users to be ever vigilant with online security. We advise all customers to change their passwords frequently and ensure you keep your internet browser up-to-date.

8 April 2014 - ABC Rural
Truck drivers get help in virtual waiting room

25 February 2014 - The Mercury
Hobart company develops app that allows patients to visit doctor via smartphone

19 February 2014 - NT News
Dial a doctor ticks boxes

1 July 2013 GP2U is happy to advise that Priceline Pharmacies are now offering the GP2U service.
Priceline Pharmacies
Priceline Pharmacies is one of Australia's leading pharmacy chains. With the inclusion of Priceline patients are now able to pick up their medications from hundreds of convenient locations around Australia. For more details see Priceline Pharmacies and GP2U. If you are a Priceline Sister Club member please visit Priceline's GP2U page

31 Mar 2013 GP2U is happy to advise the release of our new iPhone Application.
Get GP2U from the App Store
The app allows patients to register, book appointments, see their doctor, and pick up their prescriptions from the convenience of their smartphone. Check it out now on the Apple App Store.

21 Mar 2013 GP2U is happy to advise the release of our new Android Application.
Get GP2U from the Google Play Store
The app allows patients to register, book appointments, see their doctor, and pick up their prescriptions from the convenience of their smartphone. Check it out now on Google Play.

6 Mar 2013 The GP2U board has today accepted the resignation of Mr Daniel Schwerdtfeger, effective immediately.
The board would like to thank Daniel for his efforts and wish him all the best in future projects.

12 Feb 2013 We are pleased to announce that following some excellent infrastructure work by Telstra GP2U and Rescue-1 have sucessfully proven good quality video conferencing to one of Rescue-1's isolated central Qld base camps. This allows our two companies to move out of the discussion phase and into a formal trial of remote Medical support. We have been really impressed with the professionalism and expertise of the Rescue-1 paramedics and look forward to working closely with them.

20 Dec 2012 GP2U has been surprised today by the RACGP's concerns about GPs conducting Telehealth directly to their patients. Click here to read GP2U's response to the RACGPs press release.

Click here to have your say about Skype2doctor on Facebook.

16 Dec 2012 GP2U is happy to announce that, in conjunction with Terry White Chemists, it will shortly be launching a ground breaking Telehealth service to allow patients direct access to GPs. The service is called skype2doctor and combines online bookings, online GP consultations and online delivery of prescription medication. Patients can choose for their prescription to be posted out, faxed to their nearest chemist or home delivered.

3 Oct 2012 GP2U CEO Daniel Schwerdtfeger finds Tiger Airways flight TT 245 a little more exciting than expected. Hats off to the cabin crew, the men in 1E & 1B, and to Daniel for effectively dealing with a tricky situation. You can find out more here. We only have one word to say to Daniel about this, and that word is..... RESPECT.

2 Oct 2012 GP2U signs off on our Access Agreement with eRx Script Exchange.

2 Jul 2012 Medicare Australia provides written confirmation that GP2U's digital signing of DB4 forms process model meets all the requirements of the Health Insurance Act 1973. This process greatly streamlines the key issue of obtaining patient consent for assignment of Medicare benefits. Read more about digital signing of Medicare DB4 forms here

1 Jul 2012 GP2U adds location and distance based Telehealth eligibility checking to satisfy the new legislative requirements.

20 Jun 2012 All issues around the new Lifesize Softphone have now been resolved. More details about Lifesize Softphone.

17 Feb 2012 GP2U's initial integration with Global Health's secure messaging platform ReferralNet goes live.

10 Jan 2012 Global Health and GP2U Telehealth announce new secure eHealth communication service. In an exciting step forward in the area of eHealth Australian companies Global Health and GP2U Telehealth today announced an exclusive collaboration combining Global Health's secure messaging platform ReferralNet with the new GP2U Telehealth video conferencing service. Full ASX Media Release

30 Nov 2011 Medicare Australia advises GP2U Telehealth Pty Ltd has been issued with a Notice of Integration (NOI) for the product GP2U. This allows fully integrated Medicare Online Claiming including digital signing of patient benefit assignment (DB4) forms.