HCF and GP2U

HCF and GP2U

At HCF, we believe your health comes first. We also understand that sometimes life can get in the way of good health. Working overtime, taking care of the kids, and all those other commitments can keep you from making your health a priority.

That’s why we’ve partnered with GP2U, a convenient online GP service. Online GP visits aren’t currently claimable through Medicare or private health funds, but as an HCF member you’ll get an exclusive 15% discount on GP2U consultations making them more affordable. The cost of a GP2U consultation varies depending on the GP, but prices start from $69 for a 15 minute appointment before your HCF member discount.

The first 3000 member bookings get 50% off their consultations - just use your membership number as the discount code and click apply when booking.

Click here to register now and enjoy the convenience of a doctor in your pocket.